Tips to Save at the Gas Pump

Whether you drive one of our new BMW cars, a used Subaru vehicle, or something else, you’re probably trying to figure out how you can save some money at the gas pump since the holidays are now just weeks away. Regardless of whether you’re trying to save some money in anticipation of the holidays or you’re simply looking for ways to trim your monthly budget over the long-term, the tips we’ve put together for you to save money on gas are useful year-round.

In order to save money on fuel, everyone at our Wilkes-Barre, PA automotive group headquarters suggests you do the following:

  •        Buy Discounted Gas Cards: Websites such as and even Ebay normally sell discounted gas gift cards that you can use at chain gas stations. You might be able to get a $100 gift card for only $95, which means you’ll get $5 worth of free gas.
  •         Adjust Your Driving Habits: A study conducted by shows that you can lower your fuel bill just by accelerating and stopping your automobile gradually. The study also showed that using cruise control when you’re on the highway can trim your fuel costs.
  •        Time Your Trips to the Gas Station: In general, gas prices go up on Thursday morning in anticipation of the upcoming weekend. To save money, fill your tank before 10am Thursday morning and avoid going to the pump on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday unless you’re in an emergent situation.
  •      Use Your Cell Phone: You can use your cell phone to save money on gas. You can download an app to monitor traffic and avoid getting stuck in a backup which would cause you to waste fuel idling, for example. You can also use an app such as AAA’s Triptik or GasBuddy to find the least expensive gas near your current location.

Of course, buying or leasing a fuel-efficient vehicle like the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid or the 2017 Honda Fit is a good way to save money at the pump as well. To learn more about how the vehicles we have for sale or lease can help you save money, contact one of the locations that make up the MileOne Automotive family today.

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