Why is Regular Car Maintenance Important?


Whether you drive a pre-owned Volvo vehicle, one of our new BMW cars, or another kind of automobile altogether, you’ll need to bring your vehicle into one of the service centers that are part of our Newport News, VA automotive group from time to time. Even if your car never needs a repair, your vehicle will need some routine maintenance every so often.

Keeping up with your car’s routine maintenance schedule is the most effective thing you can do to keep the cumulative service costs you’ll pay over the course of your car’s life as low as possible. AAA estimates that a typical driver can save as much as $100 per service appointment simply by adhering to their automobile’s routine maintenance schedule. If you have your car serviced multiple times per year and you keep your car for several years, saving $100 per service appointment can really add up.

While servicing your vehicle at regular intervals can lower your lifetime service costs, you can do some things now to lower your per appointment expenses. The first thing you can do is check the service specials our car dealerships are offering and take advantage of them.

You can also take quick action whenever your vehicle gives you a sign that it might need the attention of a factory-trained technician like the ones who work in our service centers. If your check engine light comes on, you hear a strange sound, or you notice another indication that something’s wrong, make an appointment to bring your car into one of our service centers as soon as possible.  Putting off a repair can make a small problem much worse and more expensive to fix.

You should also find a service center that has a solid reputation for providing service at affordable prices so you never have to worry about overpaying. And that’s what you’ll find at every one of the service centers that are part of MileOne Autogroup. Make an appointment to bring your car into one of our service centers now.

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