Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas


Whether you’re looking through our inventory of new BMW cars or one of our pre-owned cars has caught your eye, you’ll incur certain expenses once you buy the vehicle you want. If you take out a car loan, you’ll need to make monthly payments, for example. You’ll also have to pay to maintain your vehicle. You’ll have to pay for gas as well.

The dealerships that are part of our automotive group make it easy for you to save money on the services your vehicle needs by offering service specials on their websites. While we can’t influence gas prices, we can provide some advice about how you can lower your fuel expenses.

One of the best ways you can lower your fuel costs is by keeping up with your car’s maintenance schedule. That’s because well-maintained automobiles typically get better mileage than their neglected brethren do.

It’s also a good idea to buy gas as early in the week as you can. In many parts of the country, the price of gas rises between Wednesday and Saturday as people prepare for their weekend adventures.

Adjusting your driving habits can lower your cumulative fuel costs, too. When you drive fast, it increases drag which, in turn, drives up the amount of gas your car consumes. By driving at or just below the speed limit and refraining from accelerating too fast, you’ll enable your vehicle to use gas much more efficiently, which will prevent you from having to fill up as often.

While you may love feeling the wind blow through your hair when you’re driving, open windows increase drag. As was mentioned earlier, drag decreases a car’s fuel efficiency. Whenever possible, keep your windows closed when you drive to avoid having to pay for gas more often than you should have to.

Naturally, buying or leasing a fuel-efficient vehicle will help keep your gas expenses low right from the start. Shop for a fuel-efficient automobile with MileOne Autogroup now.

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