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When it comes to car service that makes a difference, there’s no dealership better than MileOne Autogroup. We don’t just perform the expert tasks and upgrades that keep your vehicle safe and efficient; we explain their purpose and help you understand the work that goes into protecting your car.

That’s why we’re sharing all you need to know about how routine car service can improve mileage on every ride.  

There are many benefits to routine car care, including improved safety, maintained vehicle value, and comfort on every ride. Routine service can also improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage and efficiency in a few key ways, including the following:  

  • It Lubricates Parts: Over time, the oil in your vehicle becomes dirty and clogged with debris. When fresh and clean oil lubricates the parts, they run more efficiently, which means you use less gas to go farther distances.  
  • It Adds to Air Flow: When we trade out the air filter in your vehicle, it increases the air flow to the engine, which is essential to the internal combustion process. The air filter should be changed around every 15,000-30,000 miles.  
  • It Reduces Drag: It’s essential to keep the tires in your vehicle properly inflated because low or damaged tires can drag on the road. That means your vehicle has to work harder to go the same distance. Properly inflating your tires can improve fuel efficiency by more than 3%, which can save you money and time at the pump.  

Find fuel-efficient vehicles and the service that will keep them running efficiently here at MileOne Autogroup. Schedule fuel-saving maintenance and car care at our dealership today.  

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