Here at MileOne Autogroup, we're a network of dealerships that offer only the best vehicles and customer service. We don't just help you find the perfect new Acura car though. We also offer fully-equipped service centers and collision centers at many of our dealership locations. No matter what kind of car you're driving, it's incredibly important to stick to a firm maintenance schedule if you want your car to live a long and healthy life. And we can help you with that.

Why it's important to keep up with vehicle maintenance:

 Why it matters:
 - Gives your vehicle a longer life
 - Prevents larger, more expensive problems
 - Keeps you safer

Once you've driven that new car away from one of our Maryland car dealerships, you need to remember that many of the parts in your vehicle are not meant to last forever. Every three months or 3,000 miles, it's a good idea to have a trained professional inspect your car's hoses, belts, and engine air filter for wear and tear. You might also need to have a look at your automatic transmission and power steering fluid levels. Every 6,000 miles or six months, be ready for an oil change. When you need your oil changed can vary from model to model, but you never want to go longer than that without bringing your car in for an oil change. It might also be time for a tire rotation or new wiper blades. Every year or 12,000 miles, you should also bring your car in for a wheel alignment. It's also a good idea to have your suspension and steering looked at. Finally, one part of your vehicle that you should frequently check up on is your battery. If you see corrosion or have a harder time starting up your car, it may be time for a new one.

Our service centers:

 What we offer:
 - Expertise in multiple vehicle brands
 - Early bird drop off service
 - Fully-staffed tire and collision centers

When you do need these critical tasks taken care of, there are many reasons to come to one of our car service centers. Our service centers use only the best OEM parts and they're installed by factory-trained technicians who all know your vehicle inside and out. Many of our service locations offer fully-equipped tire centers and collision centers as well. If you visit one of our Pennsylvania dealerships, you're also likely to find convenient amenities like shuttle service and free Wi-Fi. Some of our locations also offer extended hours, early bird drop off service, and weekend hours. We do everything we can to make it easy to get the routine maintenance that your car needs.

So whether you've just purchased a great used Subaru car or a brand new Jeep SUV from one of our dealerships, remember to come back to one our service centers every few months to keep it running smoothly. We can't wait to help you and give your car the care it deserves. Please come visit us soon!

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